Seminars and Workshops

Creative StyleLab™ Programme:

The Creative StyleLab™ can help anyone in these categories:

    • Artisanal Business
    • Media and Communication
    • Advertising, Marketing, Promotion
    • Film, TV and Screen
    • Performance Arts
    • Motion Graphics and Multimedia
    • Design  
    • Fashion
    • Web, Tech and IT
    • Music

The Creative StyleLab™ can help you with the following workshops:

    • Writing a Succinct CV with Style and Substance
    • Portfolio and Presentation Pizazz
    • The Secrets to Building and Pivoting a Personal Brand and Identity Development
    • Sprucing up your Interview Skills
    • Digital Strategies and Gaining on Online Presence
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Essential Marketing Strategies and Savviness
    • Monetizing your skills with Freelancing, Self Employment and Contracting Opportunities

Creative Toolkit Seminar Series

The completion of these modules and workshops provides participants with a Certificate of Completion in Creative Career Professional Practice™

These modules are for a period of 4 weeks:

Module 1: Creative career strategies, job search

Module 2: CVs, covering letters, portfolios

Module 3: Interview coaching

Module 4: Contracting, freelancing, legal employment issues, marketing,
                  social media marketing