About Us

NZ Creative Enterprises started operations in 2007, during that time we have worked alongside small artisanal business owners, artists and creative people in both coaching/consultancy and group facilitation capacities.

Our company focuses on people's passion, purpose and their placement into their creative career choice. Our specialty focuses on career strategies for creative employment purposes.

We are a unique private consultancy practice specialising in workshops for budding entrepreneurs, and people in the creative and cultural sectors. Our practitioners are business mentors, artist development facilitators, and career coaches/counsellors who have primarily participated in the creative and technical trades sector.


Keeping pace with industry, we deliver excellent bespoke programmes for all our participants.

We are a company committed to ensuring the development and incubation of creative and artistic enterprising initiatives, and the career and business development of creative and artistic people. We look at a number of options and pathways to ensure positive outcomes are achieved for all our clients.

Our organisation offers transition programmes that build self esteem, confidence and a sense of achievement. 

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The facilitator of our programme is Paula Stenberg. She is a creative careers strategist, workshop facilitator and small business mentor. She operates a careers lounge and facilitates professional development programmes through small group workshops.

She is the author of The Wow Factor in the Worlds of Work. The book is derived from her Personal Branding and Identity Development workshop where numerous clients have benefited from the exercises about themselves, who have then moved forward and upward in their careers expressing their WOW factor!

Paula believes everyone has an element of the X-factor, but it just needs discovering, harnessing and releasing. In this workbook she shows you how and directs the discovery of yours, particularly in relation to your world(s) of work.

Buy a copy from Amazon: Buy a copy from Amazon or loan from a New Zealand library.

The Wow Factor in the Worlds of Work. Learn how to captivate your market, audience or employer by pivoting your personal branding.


Personal Branding Workbook on Creating your own Style Statement.

The Style Lab BookletBuy from Amazon or loan from a library in New Zealand.